Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets, Friday, March 31, 2017

A LOVELY LAMB souvlaki to the staff & management of Yiama's Greek Taverna and to the couple of fellow diners who intervened to help my wife while I was experiencing a heart attack in the middle of the restaurant a few weeks ago.  Your prompt and caring actions helped to prevent me from starring in my own 'greek tragedy' until the ambulance crew and medical staff at St Joseph's Hospital were able to take it from there.  I'm pleased to say that I am alive and well and looking forward to a delisious greek salad the first chance I get.

OUCH to a badly broken leg from a slip on the snow last month. Thank you drivers on Headquarters Rd who stopped to help me, in a yellow jacket, lying at the foot of our driveway. You are my best memories of that life-changing, snowy day. Your blankets and umbrella kept me warm and dry while you watched over and encouraged me. Thanks to the nurse who kept my breathing steady while the superb paramedics untwisted the leg and, with everyone's help, got me into the ambulance. Thanks to the couple who drove our car to the hospital so my marvelous wife could accompany me. And to the St. Joe's ER crew and, finally, to our neighbour friends who kept the driveway passable for our midnight return home and then got me over the icy path and stairs and into the house. Thank you all.

A BOUQUET to those who donated unwanted building materials to charity, but a BEEF to those who donate locking doorknobs without the keys!  Can't sell them without the keys.  Useless. They are sent to the scrap pile.  This is not a security risk -- you don't need the keys, and we do. Thanks.

IF PAY PARKING is banned from the new Hospital then the ban should extend to North Island College.  It was the anticipation of pressure on the Campus parking lots to avoid pay parking at the Hospital that caused the College to impose parking fees in the first place.  Charging for parking at the college imposes an additional financial burden on students struggling to get their education.

BOUQUETS and standing ovations to 3-Legged Dog for their wonderful premier production, Guys and Dolls. Everything about it was first-rate! We're looking forward to your next show. Well done, all.

BOUQUETS of spring flowers and many thanks to the Courtenay Rotary Club for their generous donation of paperbacks to St. George's United Sonrise Drop-in. They are very appreciated. Good luck with your book sale in April!

I'M SORRY. I'm sorry I'm sensitive to strong perfumes and they make me gag. I'm sorry that every time someone walked by (and this weekly buffet is very popular so people constantly walked by). The smell of your perfume overcame the taste of my food. I'm sorry you were offended when I quietly asked you to consider not wearing perfume in restaurants. I"m especially sorry that you haven't seen the signs that ask people not to wear perfumes because others are affected by them, or you might understand the folks who gag when you are nearby.

A BIG SUNNY BOUQUET to Brilon plumbing and tile. If you need any work done around the house, you should phone these two brothers. Excellent work at a fair price. I can't say enough good things about them. Believe me, you will not be sorry. So make the phone call.

A HEALTHY BOUQUET to StrongHearts School of Movement. I've been attending some one on one personal training to get my body moving correctly to help ensure I don't injure myself. This isn't your regular type of gym. Every class is held by a very qualified coach and the class size is small and personal. Adam and all the other amazing people who teach there have formed a nice little community of kind caring members. I look forward to more crossfit classes and am excited to take part in the kettle bell, yoga, boxing and the next session of self defense. Great job with this unique gym that concentrates on a safer way to get strong, healthy and fit while having fun.

BOUQUETS to the impressive and inspirational exhibits at the Alberni Project (HMCS Alberni Museum and Memorial) newly opened in the Mews (5-625 Cliffe Avenue) in downtown Courtenay. It is well worth a visit.

A BEEF to the individual who said St. Joseph's hospital has to decide if it is a hospital or a church. From your drivel it is very clear you have a problem with the fact St Joseph is a Catholic hospital. I suggest the next time you feel a need to visit a hospital you should go to Campbell River or Nanaimo regional hospitals.

IS THE CITY of Courtenay becoming the Surrey of Vancouver Island with drive by shootings? Will we find that  the victim and the shooter all may have started their drug scene with  Marijuana? Did police really ignore residents complaints about the shot up residence in question?

A HUGE BOUQUET to Dr. Mike Radeka at Valley Denture Center.  Thanks for doing such a great job fixing my damaged dentures.  You were so quick and did an excellent job they look like new.

A BIG BOUQUET of Spring flowers to the wonderful team of people that keep lookout park on Dyke road always looking great.

A BOUQUET of dog treats to all the fabulous staff at Woofy's pet foods; you guy are great.

A BOUQUET of flutter boards to the excellent lifegaurds at the Aquatics centre.  They always are so respectful and nice to meet at the pool.

COLONIAL DAYS are here again! Providence Health in Vancouver want to grow their business to take over Glacier View, The Views, St. Joe's, Hospice. Do we really want to be COLONIZED again with their religion when we have no choice and need medical care? Perhaps, we what we need is a Colonial Days Festival with horse and buggy rides.

I FIND IT INTERESTING that on the afternoon of Wed 22 Mar'17, a police officer had a speed trap set up on top of Ryan road hill to catch the bad drivers doing something illegal like speeding for example, but then, looking behind the officer, he had parked his cruiser in a "No Parking Zone" that was/is clearly visible...things that makes you go "hmmmmm?" wwt

A BIG BOUQUET of "forget me not's"  to VIHA for their proposal to add 70 new long term care beds and 2 new hospice beds to the Valley inventory.  And, I have a request.  Please place those new beds in a facility where I can access to the full range of legal, publicly funded end -of- life choices that are not subject to the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

JIMMY IS NOW the sole owner of Quality Foods.These are the people who brought in the points card, unlike PC which charges 27.8 %  interest to those who use their cards to get points. Jimmy has a track record of putting profit before people, but perhaps like Scrooge – he has seen the light.

WHEN YOU PUT out your recycling on a windy day and it blows down the street, it is still yours.  The garbage men aren't going to pick it up off everyone's lawn, and neither am I.  So go get it, and next time secure it - like put something heavy on top.  Otherwise, why bother with blue boxes at all?  Just open your front door and throw your old newspapers and food containers into your neighbours' yards.

BEEF! Years ago, the former Catholic Bishop of Victoria said our community would be asked what future role we wanted for Catholic health care. Were we not asked because the negative answer was already known?  Personally, I prefer to take comfort in knowing that in my final days HOW I WANT TO BE TREATED is in fact how I will be treated and those nice words in Providence Health's motto will actually mean in practice what they say. No exceptions. And, no wheeling me out the back door on a stretcher to take me somewhere else to die, please, and thank you.

THE BULLDOZING  of the CVRD administration "civic"  building on Headquarters road made no sense – most buildings here in the Valley are not earthquake proof. The lack of respect for local taxpayers continues as the CVRD plan a new "Civic Center" on the Courtenay High school site, The CVRD seems not all that much different from the Catholic church who disrespect donors and taxpayers, as they will bulldoze the modern Hospice  facility on SJGH property. Both organizations need a wake up call from we, paying the bills. Some of the 21 locally elected people need to get into the fray.

IN ANSWER to the query about life insurance benefits still being honoured in a case of MAiD, I found this quote from Canadian Press, April 10, 2016: "Life insurance providers have told the federal government its members are willing to lift the standard two-year exemption for suicides and pay out policies on people who end their lives through physician-assisted death, says the head of the industry's professional association. Frank Zinatelli of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association said if someone follows the legislated process, ........ then providers would pay out on policies that are less than two years old. "The industry has determined that this is obviously something that the Canadian population wants and we're not going to stand in the way of that," Zinatelli said in an interview." This was stated before the law came into effect, so it would be necessary to double-check the situation with experts, I'm guessing.

BEEF to the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) Trustees Bitten and Jacques who seem clueless, judging from the article "UBID board rejects call to assess merits of transferring water works to Regional District" in your March 12th paper.  As the CVRD Chair Bruce Jolliffe said he is a bit "puzzled" by Jacques' statement and he is not sure how Jacques came up with his comment.  Mr. Jolliffe's statements were in response to comments Jacques stated the the Regional  District did not want anything to do with us (UBID) and that "they didn't want to get stuck with a system that required nothing but money and a lot of work to get into place". Further in the March 12th article, UBID Trustee Kaljur asked Jacques for clarification on his statement that the CVRD was not interested in the MOU that was reached in June 2016 with a government facilitator. A letter was received from a  CVRD lawyer in September  2016 stating the CVRD would support 40-50 residential units.  Mr. Jacques said he was "not privy to that".  Trustee Kaljur had to remind him the letter was given to them and discussed at the December 7, 2016 in camera meeting.  If  Trustees Bitten and Jacques can misinterpret conversations and forget discussions, it makes me question their cognitive capabilities.

BEEF to the thief who cut through our fence and stole a collection of large pots I had been collecting for years for a future farm business.  May you get what you're due for robbing the labour of hard-working people.

THE RHETORIC on Hospice in the Comox Valley is disappointing and toxic. The Hospice people I met  when my wife was dying were amazing. My wife did not want to die,  so the assisted suicide stuff was never a thought. However, some may choose that. The end of a loved one's life is ugly – no  matter what. What is most discouraging is that this wonderful facility on SJGH grounds is slated for a bulldozer. This is a huge insult to all who have donated to Hospice. It is time for church and state to sort this out. That would be VIHA and the Catholic church.

A BIG BOUQUET OF RHODODENDRONS  to Dave Godfrey for his article "Hoping for good Outcome". It helped to know that the Ministry stated that if we turned over to the CVRD it would take at least 2 years to complete, so that isn't an option. The board says it could be an option down the road, yes, but not at this time. Also, the chairman stated his goal is to get a water filtration system in without raising taxes. So it's pretty clear the way we need to go.

YES, BIG BOUQUETS to Echo reporters. The CVRD seems to have taken snow days on studying Perseverance creek which is an obvious source of Comox Lake turbidity. It is as obvious as the photograph on the front page showing the sediment plume from the Creek. It is apparent that CVRD is determined to spend the $110 million on a treatment plant-no other options considered. In addition, the CVRD are building a "State of the ART" Civic center. As others have noted, a referendum needs to be held on this CVRD Administration building and it needs to include Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland, who all all fund this very ,very,well staffed local government. No other local government has such an investment in communication staff, spinning the CVRD offices as a Civic center.Where is the business plan?

BEEF to the on going Liberal lies. So, MSP possible phase out starting with a 50% reduction! Really, mine went up $4.00 this month.

BOUQUETS to Courtenay and Campbell River councils for banning pay parking at NI Hospitals for compassionate reasons. Indeed there is also a bigger argument for no fees – we have already paid for parking with the 240 millions committed by North Island property owners. The New York P3 investors will have to get their money from the Province -not sick people. Thanks Councillors!

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