Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets, Friday, March 17, 2017

A BIG SALUTE out to the Comox Valley Committee who successfully bid and hosted the recent Provincial 16 team Grade 9 Boys Basketball tournament in our Valley.  What a great event and thanks to all of the sponsors, Lake Trail, Vanier and Highland (host schools) and a special shout out to those who sponsored native son from the Comox Valley, Phil Ohl, to be the guest speaker at the banquet.  The support of all was instrumental in the tournament being a success and the local fan support at all of the games, and , the outstanding skills and heart of all teams was a pleasure to see and witness.  Hopefully, the business brought to local hotels, restaurants and shops helped out the economy as well.  Well done again, Comox Valley!!

A BOUQUET to all the folks who have donated to the Hospital Thrift Shop. We really appreciated everything you gave us. However, we do need more donations – so clean out your closets, housewares, etc. and drop them off at the Thrift Shop on Rodello Drive (behind the hospital). The shop is run solely by volunteers and all money raised goes directly to St. Joseph's General Hospital. Thank you for your support.

BOUQUET: Thank you Cumberland, you did it again. On a cold Sunday morning, Cumberland (you know who you are, big and small), went from door to door asking for good for the less fortunate. St. George's Pantry, all workers and volunteers, thank you for the food and money. God Bless, have a good year. - St. George's Pantry.

BRIGHT BOUQUETS to those who believe a patient's legal dying wish deserves human respect, compassion, and diligent medical assistance.

A BOUQUET of a thousand coloured feathers to all who put on the great evening of entertainment of "Seussical the Musical". We so enjoyed the music, the dancing, the acting and pure energy of the young people on stage at Highland High School last Friday evening. The crew and back stage personal also worked very hard to make it all look so 'Dr. Seuss'. We are retirees and didn't know a soul involved but feel so blessed to be able to go and sit and enjoy. We are so lucky to have such talent in our midst.  We will certainly look forward to more shows in the future. You bring many smiles to our faces just remembering the event. All the best to you all.

A BIG BOUQUET of Wagging Dog Tails (all neatly groomed) to Susan from House of Dogs Grooming, as she heads into her next big adventure.  She will be missed by all her devoted clients and their humans.  Susan is so kind, gentle with the pooches and never turns a hair when dog mums show up in PJs and gum boots looking as if they could also use a good bath and hair cut.  She always looks immaculate herself.  She never quibbles and just smiles when we fuss about our own ideas of beard length, ear shape and tail floss.  Susan, thank you it has been a pleasure to know you, love from, Ursa, Hari, Woggly, Robbie, Anderson, Bonnie and Jennie, and their families.  Farewell.

THE COMOX VALLEY FOOD BANK and the recipients of the generous donations collected during the recent annual Snowfest festivities, held Friday March 03, 2017. Wish to thank all the personnel who participated.The Snowfest is held in March each year at 19 Wing, CFB Comox for the their members and families.

DN AUTO CORP, you are the best! Thank-you for our kind, friendly and ethical service. I'll always come back.

A PAINT CAN full of colorful flowers goes to the staff at CSN Reliable Auto Body on Cumberland Road. From the time the receptionist "Lena" took care of the paperwork details to the time "Curtus" went over the damage on my vehicle, my experience with them was that they were extremely courteous, friendly and were sympathetic to my needs. The front end staff at CSN Reliable Auto Body do need recognition of some sort for their excellent, professional behavior, especially working in the nature of that industry, an environment that has the potential to become heated. I hope your BOSS reads this and appreciates the high caliber of Public Relations that you people give forth. A few days after I brought my vehicle to them Curtus found me in a crowd at the skating rink and asked me how I was doing. In the business of his life, he had the time to reach out to a new customer. Lena, Curtus and Ryan, I appreciate your excellent, professional behavior, one that has that personal touch. Keep smiling,  you at CSN Reliable Auto Body and please, NO MORE SNOW!

THE COMOX VALLEY Food Bank thanks the teachers who participated in their latest Pro D day held Friday March 03, 2017 in Comox. Our clients who received the bounty of your efforts thank you for your ongoing generosity, giving us food and a cash donation. Thank you.

A BEEF to those who complain about St. Joseph's Hospital's legal stand with regard to MAiD. Not everyone wishes to be exterminated like an unwanted pet. We have a desire to live in as much comfort as possible until NATURAL death. "Mission creep" is bound to expand the current guidelines. Look what happened in the case of abortion. In 1969 abortion was decriminalized to allow an abortion only where a woman's health would likely be affected. Hospitals and doctors were not obligated to participate. Currently, Canada is one of three nations with no protection for the unborn, and little protection for those recently born if we believe Stats Canada figures for 2000 – 2009. Pregnant women whose unborn are not considered "fit", often feel pressured to have an abortion, so it is easy to see that the aged, handicapped and disabled will soon feel obligated to allow themselves to be terminated when pressured by cash strapped health authorities. With the ability to remove "bed-blockers" and others who are using up expensive resources, why should money be spent on long-term care or medical research? Those in health services who say all medical staff should be forced to carry out euthanasia, regardless of their conscience should think again. If you are ordered to kill someone under some possible future legislation with which you do not agree, wouldn't you like to be able to opt out? Remember, even as late as the 1970's, First Nations people were being sterilized at Bella Bella and Nanaimo under the Sexual Sterilization Act.

HOPE THOSE TRYING to sell the idea of a publicly-funded, multi-million-dollar event centre at the Comox Valley exhibition grounds take time to check out the result of the Nanaimo referendum last Saturday, where 80 per cent of voters threw out a similar pie-in-the-sky events centre proposal.

KUDOS to the team who have been working hard to improve drainage all along the Winter Trail in Seal Bay Park. Great job.

WHAT ARE YOU thinking, Larry?  Your reputation is as the People's Mayor who watches the pennies, but by pressing for a pay raise of more than $10,000 to more than $60,000 a year, you must be losing touch. "It's a demanding job," you say — but you knew that, and what the remuneration was, when you sought re-election two years ago.

BEEF to the clowns that control the price of gas at the pumps. The oil barrel prices has been pretty steady for several weeks at around $50/barrel but the price of gas has risen about 15% in less than 2 weeks, why? What gives? You bozo' must know about Karma, she just loves people like you. wwt.

IT'S ILLEGAL for a landlord to enter a tenant's unit without 24 hours written notice except in case of emergency, and I might be able to guess what building you live in. The Service BC centre on Cliffe can give you a copy of the Residential Tenancy Act and the forms you need to file for binding arbitration, and there's no fee for low-income. The risk is a slumlord may retaliate in other ways. The long-term solution is to find another place, but it's difficult in these times.

BOUQUETS: Last night it was snowing pretty heavily. I have a toddler and a baby and my partner works long hours. I had gotten the children to sleep for the night before my partner got home and I thought, Screw my weekly shower, I'm going to go do what the Beefs have been saying is my civil duty and shovel the sidewalk. Which I did. Three times. I did the whole block, for good measure. Shortly after my partner arrived home quite late (as is his schedule), I was excited to show him how I had made good. As we looked out the window, the snow plow charged by and murdered all my hard work. It did not rain as promised overnight; instead the mounds of slush the plow had piled onto my beautiful clean sidewalk hardened into ice. There is no way I was going to attempt chipping through that mess and wrecking my shoulders when I already have to carry a toddler in one arm and a baby in the other... I need my strength! Thank goodness it has melted now or I would have continued to feel guilty about my messy sidewalk. So YES, bouquets to all the wonderful outstanding citizens to shovel their sidewalks and who do their neighbours' as well. But no beefs to the ones who do not. We don't know their reasons and although I am an able body, this is the first time I was able to shovel my sidewalk... And for what?

A HUGE BEEF to the Board of Directors of Glacier View Lodge for all but handing over the keys to Providence and St. Joseph's in what sounds like a valuable community organisation being swallowed up under the cloak of darkness! Knowing the long history of the original Marsland House for seniors in the Comox Valley I was sad to see what was happening when I returned from holiday. When will the people of the Comox Valley who remember the words 'non-judgemental living environment' are still enshrined in the Bill of Rights of this storied place be asked for their comments? We built and supported Glacier View and we have a right to be heard.

THE CVRD is planning to build state of the art administration building.They demolished the last building they owned –a modern felicity that was not "earthquake proof". Let's just hope that this new building has adjoining offices for the Chief Administrative Officers for Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland as well as the new King of the CVRD. These are the people who need to work together on cost effective infrastructure for the Comox Valley.

SPRING FLOWERS to Nicole for her letter to the Editor last week regarding rental suites.  We had a rental suite for 26 years in our last home.  As a young family it made it possible to own our own home.  For 26 years we only had one bad experience when our tenant sublet the suite while we were away.  Many of our neighbours had rental suites.  Most of our tenants became our long time friends.  As a result, our neighbourhood was eclectic and friendly.  Rentals can also enable seniors to stay in their own homes.  Currently we have renters around us in rural Comox and they cause no problems.   Please don't let fear and loathing prevent rental suites in our valley.  Now that you have your own home please help others do the same.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE from Rob Green and his Shades Window Coverings. Having bought a beautiful and functional set of window blinds, we found Rob supples prompt service as well if and when needed. A local business that is highly recommended!

SWEET, HEAVENLY BOUQUETS to the Dr.s who support the Bishop denying dying patients their legal right to compassionate end of life care. Bouquets also to those who consider this antique delivery of health care ought to be allowed die its own natural death.

FOUR FLAT TIRES to the lady who was tailgating me and gesturing me to go faster on Noel Avenue in front of the Comox Rec Centre at about 12:25pm on Tuesday March 14. You did not notice that that part of Noel Avenue is a playground zone, with a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h during the day. It was probably because you were, as I noticed, too distracted by your smartphone at the time. Put your phone down and start paying attention to what is around you while you are driving. If you do not want to do that, then maybe you should stop driving and start walking more.

A HUGE BOUQUET to the person(s) who turned in my husband's black wallet that was lost at Costco late in the morning of Friday March 10th - a huge relief to go back and find it's been turned in. Thank you so much, we truly live in a wonderful community!

HUGE BOUQUETS to CVRD chair Bruce Joliffe and CV Water Committee chair Bob Wells for inviting Cumberland to be part of the meeting with the province regarding our water supply issues. Thank you to directors Eriksson and Theos for also standing up for truth, justice and cooperation. The attitude of director Grant that Cumberland is causing the water quality problem and thus should not be part of discussions and a solution was apalling! Those who argued against Mayor Baird's inclusion brought a few words to mind (elitist, obstructionist, exclusionist). We need all parties to work together on this issue! Thank you for your hard work for our communities.

THIS BOUQUET is made of sweet baby's breath for all the doctors, nurses and maternity staff that helped deliver our precious Alexander to us. New life can change in a heartbeat. We are deeply grateful that he had a safe arrival at St. Joseph's, and for all the care and teaching the staff gave us.

APPRECIATIVE BOUQUETS to Courtenay Council for banning new hospital pay parking. Not the least important positive outcome will be the huge stress reduction for patients and families in crisis. This will make a more compassionate place of healing than the old hospital in Comox.

ONE HUNDRED and four years ago, Harvard Road was created as Public Beach Access property by subdivision as was the law of the day. There are 124 such public properties in the CVRD. The most contentious beach access property, in our neighborhood, is Mayfair Road  where an adjoining property owner hired a local consultant to occupy much of this popular public right of way with a specialized permit.Unbelievable. It is so very refreshing that the CVRD Area B director has been able to resolve the issue of public ownership on Harvard Road. Thanks Rod!

GREAT TO SEE that some teachers voted to approve a deal to have class sizes reduced. Hopefully this means that Comox Valley student will be back to the somewhat 5 day school week and that teacher strikes will be a thing of the past.

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