Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets, Friday, March 10, 2017

WANT TO GIVE A BIG BOUQUET to the RCMP officer who helped Sunday evening locate my husband and the beautiful lady who had helped my husband  phone home when he got lost...words cannot express our thanks...the officer for his compassion to the situation ... also to our daughter who was there to help. My friend who gave me a ride home. Thanks to all.  Comox Valley is a great place to live.

HUGE BELATED BOUQUETS of Christmas roses and blooming poinsettias to everyone who helped with the 4th Street Stocking Project. With the help of 4th Street merchants, customers and friends, we made over 50 Christmas stockings which the Care-A-Van helped to distribute to people in need this last Christmas. So, huge thank yous to Mary's Antiques, Butcher Block, Hi-Tech, Connect Hearing, and special thanks to Monica at Runge's and to Kristen at Coastal Community Credit Union for her incredible stockings. Also many thanks to Joanne and Howard for their un-failing donations, and the kind donations of customers and friends left at Michael's Off Main. You all made it possible to brighten the holidays for many who have none.

BOUQUETS OF RED ROSES to the Forbidden Plateau Singers for entertaining and singing and your unique barbershp quartet music to the Friday Sonshine Lunch Club at our special Valentine's lunch. Thank you for adding this special touch for our soup kitchen guests.

WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS our gratitude to Al Bergquist of Comox Valley Refrigeration. We have been suffering through stress and anxiety while trying to have our heat pump repaired by another incompetent heat pump company. One call to Al and the problem was identified and fixed in no time. Al is an expert. His knowledge and common sense are invaluable. Thanks for fixing our heat pump Al.

BOUQUETS OF DANDELIONS to J.B.L. aka the three Stooges of Union Bay. The series is coming to an end on March 16th at the Union Bay Community Hall, 7:00 PM. Following numerous disastrous episodes this will be the last performance before the awards night on April 20th. One Stooge could be a loser leaving two to squabble over the Saviors Trophy. Once again the script has been kept secret, the clowns have refused any public input, no reviews, no one knows a thing, who knows. Curly got over the flu from last month, quit sucking his thumb and said he was ready for action. Moe and Larry's ongoing shenanigans should bring a hoot from a full house crowd. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, HEAR YE ALL, This is FREE entertainment for you all to see. Happy days.

WE LOVE THE ANNUAL Dine Around the Comox Valley promo, but what's with the hike in prices this year, on top of last year's increases, too?  OK, costs have gone up for everyone, but are we really more expensive than Vancouver for goodness sake?  Their Dine Around offered meal deals at $20, $30 and $40. Similar in Victoria. But in the Comox Valley all three levels were $5 more for 2017.

THUMBS UP to CVRD rural directors for agreeing to install water meters in the Sandwick area - and we say that as customers in that area. Hopefully in time people will be billed for what they actually use, but getting the equipment in is the crucial first step to people valuing this vital resource and the costs involved in getting into our homes.

A GIANT BOUQUET of spring flowers to the Town OF Comox and the developers of the subdivision along Lazo Rd.  Finally, they are considering the community and are collaboratively putting in a pathway to ensure the safety of the numerous people who will use this trail. Thank you from the children who walk and bike to school. Thank you from the mothers with babies, the dog walkers, the bicyclists, the elderly and numerous others who love to walk in this fast disappearing, semi rural area. Exercise will keep our community young, vibrant and healthy. This Greenway that also runs along Butchers Rd. has been neglected for too long.  Thank you for caring about the people in our neighborhood.

I WOULD LIKE TO SEND a Humongous bouquet of smiles and happy thoughts to Merit furniture. They stood by me. Coming out to take pictures twice, emailing and phoning a number of times on my behalf.  Thank you for going above and beyond in order to make a sad customer very happy. Extra happy thoughts to Ryan and Nora, your hard work is appreciated so much!

HUGE BOUQUET of thanks to the fellow at Shaw who helped me put my computer back in operation.  His patience was amazing dealing with an illiterate! Much appreciated.

BEEF: You know who you are! You are the one that discards your used tissue while snowshoeing to Helen McKenzie, you are the one that allows your dog to defecate in a neighbour's garden, you are the one that leaves the blue plastic bag full of dog doo on the sidewalk, you are the one that "accidentally" lets your garbage fall out of the back of your truck and you are the one who roars around quiet neighbourhoods disturbing all the residents of the Community acting like the Big Shot. And by doing these kinds of acts,  you are the one that doesn't respect your neighbour , or the community or the environment that you live in. It is a gift you have been given to be able to live and work in the Comox Valley it is not an entitlement, so view the privilege in that regard. If you are not happy or fullfilled living here then leave and move somewhere you think you will be appreciated and above all, happy. Don't ruin it for others. It starts by respecting yourself, give it a chance and you will hopefully experience the feeling. You live in one of the most desirable areas of the world. Give it the respect it deserves.

RECENTLY I HAD TO SAY goodbye to Eddie my beloved teacup Chihuahua. Dr. Tom van Dyck met Eddie when he walked into my barbershop 10 years ago, he became his vet since that day. Tom stood beside me through the best and eventually walked me through the hardest part of pet ownership, when I said goodbye to the little man. It is an amazing talent to be able to read her room and treat it accordingly. Tom is like no other veterinarian. His compassion and kindness to be available whenever needed is outstanding. Thank you to Dr. VanDyke and his supportive staff.

A BIG 'thank you' to   Larry Jangula for being the one voice of reason and standing up for the Sandwick water district residents. Contrary to what the Courtenay manager of engineering services likes to believe, we were NOT consulted on whether we wanted water meters. We were never given any other realistic options, and being told what is going to happen is NOT consultation.  And shame on you, Area B director Rod Nichol, for betraying the people who elected you. You campaigned against water meters, and now you've changed your mind and decided they're a good thing.  Also, the director for Area C, Edwin Grieve, has no credibility at all to speak on this topic,  because he can use as much water as he wants at his house, for free! He's on a well, and will never have to have to worry about a meter.  Spending half a million dollars on this project is a blatant misuse of our money, and Mayor Jangula is correct in that the money would be much better spent elsewhere.

ANY QUESTION that Marijuana use leads to drug addiction? Here in the Comox Valley, 10 have died from Fentanyl OD's. Real people. The killer of the apparently 64-year old drug dealer  in Courtenay, reportedly started smoking marijuana  at age 1 , graduating onto heroin at age 17. The problem here is a little more complex  than wood smoke and clay particles in our drinking water. Cumberland seemd anxious to lead on these issues.

BOUQUETS to Courtenay Mayor Jangula who seems to be swimming upstream on local issues. "Yesterday's Man" is looking out for Sandwick gardeners who will be surcharged to go brown, getting up early with stage 3's and boiling Comox Lake water. I'm with the mayor who had the fortitude to resolve the Maple Pool issue - he is a strong swimmer. Thank you.

A THOUSAND homemade cookies from the Lutheran Ladies  for the  Good Samaritan who brought his machine and cleared the snow from the parking lot at Faith Lutheran Church.

BIG WAVES of thank you's to the Next Wave C.V. Business Networking Group for not only donating our "Friday" Sonshine Lunch Club Valentine meal and mugs full of love gifts, but also being there, hands-on, preparing and serving the meal. What fun it was for us to work with you. You did an awesome job! Thank you Adam and Shauna for your part in making this all possible. It was a very special morning for our lunch guests. Thank you for caring for our community. You all rock!

SENIORS ARE DROPPING like flies during  the Comox Valley winters due to heart failure from wood smoke. No doubt some have severe health issues and smoke is an issue, but this whole home heating issue in the Comox Valley has been based, apparently, on alternate facts and false truths.  Indeed "Trumpism " is alive and well here. Wondering if it is the same story on boiling water. Only in the Comox Valley is this an epidemic, like wood smoke.

A HUGE BEEF and a bloody black eye while we are at it to some of the doctors of this community and their blind following of MAiD crusaders out on a witch hunt to discredit St. Joseph's General Hospital because of its moral backbone; something the former collection of clowns have not. Conscientious objection is not disobeying the law and to draw such rash conclusions is pure ignorance and a lack of understanding of Bill C-14. Accusing your colleagues in the healthcare profession of being uncompassionate and expect to keep your hospital privileges is mighty bold but awfully foolish of you. Talk about bite the hand that feeds. Same holds true for Comox Valley Hospice Society. If you are running scared believing that your donation dollars might run dry should you stay affiliated with a faith-based facility opposed to medical assistance in dying, perhaps rip a page out of your own playbook to remind yourself what the true philosophy of hospice palliative care in Canada is all about. A huge bouquet of sweet smelling roses (preferably of the thorny kind to stick it back at this brood of fools) is deserving of St. Joseph's leadership for ever allowing these physicians back to your exceptional establishment, and for taking the moral high road by welcoming CVHS to continue playing in the sandbox as you move toward your future vision in seniors' and residents' care.

MAJOR BEEF - as I am sick to my stomach - to our Slumlord who "took a chance" and entered our residence while I attempted rest; not only did we not receive proper notice whatsoever of your intended visit, but you LET YOURSELF IN UNINVITED WHILE I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP. So how many other times have you knocked when we weren't home and just felt like letting yourself in? Hmmm? You're the only one who believes that "you didn't answer the door when I knocked earlier" justifies you letting yourself in with your key. If we are not there to answer for ANY REASON - it is NEVER OK to let yourself in: You call, you text, you leave us a note asking us to contact you. But you DO NOT LET YOURSELF IN! Who the hell do you think you are?! You scared the crap out of me for starters, and completely violated our rights not only as tenants, but trampled all over personal rights of my own. How can you think this is OK? How dare you intrude like this! NOTHING about what you did is "OK"! Nevermind that it's taken you countless weeks now to address one of MANY issues on hand within our unit (and our neighbours); You ignore every issue we have, pretending like there *isn't* an issue. You have an answer and excuse for everything and never hear us out. You never listen. This will all be brought to attention. You NEED to realise just how absolutely wrong all of this is. You treat us horribly, with no respect. That ends now...

FREE GARDEN CLIPPERS to those wanting to remove blackberry bushes. Instead of burning the blackberry bushes with the possible spread of burning one's house down and the danger to invalid residents, get out the clippers and clip away!

A BIG HUGE thank you to Emcon for hearing our concerns on the maintenance of Macaulay road in Black Creek. We got the recent snow fall removed promptly even on a Sunday, as well as salt during the past icy week. So thanks again for making safer travels for our families.

SWEET, HEAVENLY bouquets to the Doctors who support the Bishop denying dying patients their legal right to compassionate end of life care. Bouquets also to those who consider this antique delivery of health care ought to be allowed to die its own natural death.

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